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Lynette Ramsay Silver, AM, FAIHA

Lynette Silver, Patron of the MV Cape Don Society and the Sea Heritage Foundation, is a foundation member of the Society.

A well-known writer with a passion for Australian colonial and WW2 military history, Lynette is the author of more than twenty books, including thirteen non-fiction investigative histories. Her contribution to Australian history and the preservation of our heritage was first recognised in 1989 when, following the publication of her books A Fool's Gold? and The Battle of Vinegar Hill, she was made a Fellow of the Australians Institute of History and the Arts.

In 1990, while writing and researching The Heroes of Rimau and Krait The Fishing Boat that went to War, Lynette became historical consultant to the Australian National Maritime Museum, which was responsible for returning the historic wartime vessel Krait to its original wartime configuration.

This small, former Japanese fishing boat, used by Australian and British commandos to carry out Operation Jaywick, a daring raid on enemy shipping in Singapore Harbour in 1943, has become a national icon. Always keen to see our maritime heritage preserved, Lynette has maintained a lively interest in the vessel for more than 30 years, tracking down many of the men who served on her.

Lynette's historical research work was further recognised in 2003 when she received a Defence Forces Commendation and Medal from Special Operations Command Australia, the first civilian ever to receive this prestigious award. In January 2004 she was awarded an OAM in the Australia Day Honours for her services to veterans and their families and in 2009 the Sabah Government recognised her research work relating to WW2 with a Minister's Special Award, an honour rarely conferred on a foreigner. In January 2019, she was made a Member (AM) in the General Division of the Order of Australia, for significant service to the community through battlefield tours and commemorative services.

Lynette's interest in Krait led to her subsequent involvement in Cape Don, a ship that she sees as an important and integral part of our maritime history and heritage. She has closely followed the restoration of the vessel since its inception, and was one of the first to board following its acquisition, climbing a Jacob's ladder to do so.

Lynette Silver sees her role as Patron of Cape Don as the spokesperson for the vessel itself, ensuring that whatever decisions are made are based on what is best for the ship.

She is confident that, following the restoration of Cape Don, the only remaining vessel of its kind in Australia, the ship will become a focal point for all those with an interest in the nation's maritime history, and will provide a fascinating insight into the past for generations to come.

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Lynette Silver, Patron

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